1st Annual UsaGon anime meetup

USAGON 2013~UsaGon~ is a anime meetup for people in the Chicago area.

When: Saturday, October 12, 2013

Where: Ping Tom Park
300 W 19th St.
Chicago, IL 60616

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~UsaGon~ is a anime meetup for people in the Chicago area.
We will be at Ping Tom Park at 11:00 am!~

We will be hosting games and events such as
Pokemon song tag
Anime quick doodles
Inspired Nagisa Dice
I am the King
And more
There will be prizes~

We will also be holding a display masquerade with a cash prize

Please message Ophelia Kagamine if you are interested in participating ~
Free cupcakes will be offered ^-^

Cosplay is very much welcomed, but not required.If you have any questions, please message the Hostess Ophelia Kagamine~
These rules are pretty much the basics
~Dont touch people without permission
~Respect other’s cosplay
~Dont take pictures without premisson
~Be respectful of the public property

Im sure that wont be hard for you guys though ^-

Author: Jenn

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