C^3 presents C^4, The Chicagoland Cosplayer Club Conclusion

The C^4 Picnic – The Chicagoland Cosplay Club Conclusion

June 15, 2013
10am to Dusk

From the Facebook event page:
10 years ago after ACen 03 C^3 was formed as a cosplay club for like minded people. For 9 years I have hosted Photoshoots, Picnics and overnight panels. Now after a Decade of fun, I am the last active member operating in the name of C^3. Time to extinguish the torch. As it ever has been this picnic is a casual cosplay summer gathering/photoshoot and picnic. One last time, I invite the old timers and new blood alike to hang out for some relaxing good times and celebrate this end of an era.

From more information, you can check out the Facebook event page.

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