Hetalia Day 2013 – Chicago Edition

Hetalia Day 2013 - Image Credit: rosel-d - http://rosel-d.deviantart.com/What
: Hetaila Day Chicago 2013

When/Where: Various Locations and Dates in Chicagoland (see below)

INFO: Hetalia Day Chicago Website

Q: What is APH Day?
A: Axis Powers: Hetalia Day (APH Day) is a day when APH fans all over the world meet in a single day in October. They don’t meet at a single location and days vary depending on calendar years, and countries.

The Official Hetaila Day is October 26, 2013. Read more about Hetaila Day at http://hetalia-day.com/


The organizers of The Beautiful World of Chicago , a new Hetalia cosplay group have organized a meetup on October 19, 2013 at Navy Pier. Check out  the Facebook Event Page for all the details.

Jaycee Kusko and Natalia Kopec are hosting a pot luck picnic meetup in Tinley Park on October 26, 2013. Check out the Facebook event page for all the details.

So, in summary:
October 19 – Navy Pier Meetup

October 26 – Tinley Park Meetup

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