July 2011 Update

Sorry, this isn’t much of an update, but I wanted to send something out to let you all know that this club is still up and running, and that I’d like you all to check in and share how your summer is going!

I also just wanted to make a quick announcement. My health hasn’t been good as of late, and I don’t know when i’m going to get better, plain and simple. If you care to read about my medical issues, you can click on over to my website and read my personal blog.

I will do my best to keep this club moving forward, but I really do need help from everyone here to keep the group active! Please continue to post up events, and feedback on events you have been too and what your excited about, and keep the conversation going.  This club is about YOU!

I will try to have the next meeting on Saturday, July 30 as the poll has dictated, and I should know in about a week or so if i will be able to. I’m really sorry, but I need to focus on my health and well being, and well, that means that sometimes I have to sacrifice other things I enjoy, like this club.

The member cleanup did not take place on June 30, as planned, but will take place sometime this week. If you need information on why we do this cleanup, and our membership activity policy, please read this forum topic.

There several new members here who have not introduced themselves to the rest of the group. I find it strange that one would join a group such as this and not make an effort to associate with the the other members of the group.




Welcome our new members!
>>Michael S

(please introduce yourself!)

Ongoing topics 
>The really pointless thread of insane fun.

>“Mix Tape” music exchange!
Remember when you used to make “mix tapes” for your friends of songs you
really liked? Wouldn’t it be cool to share your favorite music with your
friends here at JAPC?

>Your JAPC DAY!!
Each member gets a “day” where they can share whatever they’d like.
This might be something like 1 hour of anime, games, internet videos,
art projects, panel discussion, or whatever as long as it’s not Hentai.

>Talk about what you’re watching/reading in the Anime/Manga Forum!

>Currently Reading – Manga commentary and conversations!

>Currently Watching: Anime commentary and conversations!

As always, keep an eye on the JAPC BLOG, forum and Facebook page for updates!

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