Membership Cleanup and Club Meetings Access changes

The next membership cleanup will take place on March 31, 2011
For more information on this cleanup, please take a look at this topic:

In addition to this regular cleanup, we will be completely resetting permissions on viewing the Club Meetings forum. After the cleanup, everyone’s permission to view the forum will be removed, and EVERYONE will have to re-request access. I will give further instructions after the actual cleanup takes place.

A few new rules about Club Meetings access:

  • Due to privacy concerns expressed by our various hosts, if we do not see you at a meeting during a three month period following your approval to view the information, your access to the Club Meetings forum may be revoked. In addition, if any hosts expresses a concern and/or does not feel comfortable with you in his/her home, your access can be revoked as well.
  • Permission to view this forum can and will be revoked for any reason at any time.
  • If you have had more than three warnings for any reason on this forum, permission will be revoked to view the forum for three months.

If your permission to view this forum is revoked or denied, you will be informed in detail as to why. You have the absolute right to appeal this decision!

The reason for this? There are over 41 members with access to this information, many of which we have never met, in addition, there is no way that 41 people will be able to fit into any of the hosts space. On average,we see about 8-10 members per meeting out of the 50 members of the forum. Many hosts have expressed concern as to how many people are actually seeing this information vs how many people actually intend to participate or meet with us. I will be keeping more track of attendance and who’s actually showing genuine interest in this group, thus in attempt to make it better for the folks who actually care to participate and meet with the group members.

Club Meetings will continue to be posted in the Club Meetings forum in the Club Forum. The comfort, privacy, and security of our members and hosts is a priority here. Meetings are hosted in members private residences.

Members and hosts exchange personal information in this forum and we want to know who is viewing this information, and thus screen all requests to view the Club Meetings forum. We do this to protect the security and privacy of members and hosts who choose to let complete strangers into our homes, and choose to share personal information. Please do not share any information that is posted in the Club Meetings forum to ANYONE outside the group.

YOU WILL NOT BE APPROVED TO VIEW THE CLUB MEETINGS FORUM IF YOU HAVE NOT INTRODUCED YOURSELF TO THE GROUP IN THE FORUM. You also may be denied access for any reason, especially if we feel that you do not have a genuine interest in meeting with the group. We don’t like being used as subjects and material for creative research projects, nor do we appreciate being solicited by people selling things. Again, the focus of this group is meeting new people with the intent of finding new friends and folks that you can hang out with and trust. I hope you can understand these concerns.

Thanks for reading!

Author: Jenn

President, publisher, and blogger since October 2000