A call to action for Chicago Anime/Manga Fans!

I posted this over at AnimeChicago.com, but I think it also deserves a place here.

Chicago anime and manga fans have been denied the right to have a single place in this city to gather and I want to fix that. The Anime community has become such an introverted group, it’s really difficult to meet new people.

We need a call of action in Chicago to all anime/manga fans, and we need to get our buts off the couch, and start coming together as one big community. Yeah, we all watch anime and read manga, but we need to start talking about it.

AnimeChicago.com is a wonderful start, just more things need to happen. YOU need to participate in the anime and manga community, and WE need to make a difference. We need to break steroetypes, and give a better impression that we are all not crazy people watching cartoons in our basements and livingrooms. Anime Clubs need to do a better job of networking. The Anime clubs in this city needs to stop this feeling of rivalry, and start working together!

Look, all we have here is random events, Anime Central, and SoyCon. This gets people together occasionally, but there needs to be more. Sure, there isMitsuwa too, but that’s not enough either. We have random anime clubs in random schools. We need a sense of community, and sense of unity. There needs to be a central hub where we all gather, without the fear of rivalry or “my club is better than yours” mentality. We need to really get over this mentality. We need to realize that we need to take control of our own fandom, and make more of a mission to promote and encourage more anime/manga collaberations and events within city limits.


Author: Jenn

President, publisher, and blogger since October 2000