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ACen Requested Panels

Panelists who apply for these specific panels and are approved to do them will receive a full 100% discount off their badge instead of the normal 50% off for one panel since these panels are requested by ACen. The limit of 3 badges discounted per panel still applies to these panels. Anime Central Panel Programming staff will work with you throughout the year to ensure these panels go in the direction ACen would like them to but it will mainly be left up to the panelists to design these panels around our general concept. The following list are panels we would like hosted at ACen and have noticed have never been hosted or they stopped years ago. More panels may be added to this list throughout the year, even after main panel applications have closed if we see a panel we would like hosted that isn’t being hosted. All other panel policies still apply to those panelists who are chosen to do our requested panels. Panelists who are chosen to do these panels are not considered ACen staff, they are still part of the general panelist attendance. Those applying for these panels still need to follow the normal application process.

Please review the new panelist policy as most of it has changed or has been reworded to be better understood.

If you have any questions please email us at or call us at (630)442-0008 between 12pm-8pm Central time. If no one answers please leave a message and we will get back to you.

Panel applications open October 1st and close October 31st!

We are looking forward to your applications!!!


Kawaii/Kokoii crafts – This will be an ages 14 and under workshop. Girls and Boys crafts, Cute/Cool. Those applying for this will need to submit pictures and step by step summaries of how to make their crafts to show they themselves are aware. List what supplies are needed, we may be able to supply some or all such as scissors, glue, paper etc.

Poi – How To – With ACen hosting 2 dances this is actually fairly popular at the convention. We would like an experienced performer to host a workshop where they will teach beginner to intermediate “tricks” and safety. How not to hit others and yourself! Please submit how long you have been doing poi, if you have a video that would be best. We will not allow fire poi, but glow poi, sock poi, etc. is allowed. We will consider making poi sets to supply this workshop with.

Japanese Nail Art – This is a very stand out style of nail art. Please submit pictures of nails you have done. List what supplies will be needed, we may be able to supply some of them.

Belly Dancing (it’s in japan too!) – Please list your experience in Belly Dancing. If possible show any cultural flairs Japan has added to their belly dancing such as changes in costume etc. This is a teaching workshop. If you have video of yourself belly dancing that would be best to submit as well.

Yoga – Please list your experience with Yoga. A brief cultural history should be presented to it’s attendance. This is a teaching workshop.

Lolita Finishing Touches – These are the nails, makeup, hair accessories, etc. Those finishing touches that add that something extra to your outfit. Please list supplies needed, we may be able to supply some of them. Submit pictures of your work with your application.


Japanese festivals – Cultural history, why certain things or events are done the way they are, customs, etc. What is celebrated and how is it done compared to American celebrations? Please submit an outline of what you will cover concerning this topic. Discussion and audience interaction is strongly encouraged.

Dating/Mixer 18+ – Either speed dating, a mixer, a social event to get those boys and girls together! This panel will be strictly 18+. Please outline what sort of activity you will host to get folks talking. And outline how you will manage it’s attendance.

Voice Acting – How to, how to get into the industry, how to do it for fun as an amateur on youtube, etc. We would prefer someone with experience at least as an amateur to host this. Please submit an outline of your lesson plan.

Translations – Namely the stages and changes manga and anime have to go through to convey jokes and other differences to Western audiences. Please submit an outline including anime and manga you will be using as examples. Discussion on this topic with your audience is encouraged.

Dubs in Japan – How Western shows get changed when they go over to Japan or other countries. Please submit an outline including the shows you will be using as examples. Discussion on this topic with your audience is encouraged.

Japanese Fashion Styles – There isn’t just Lolita in Japan. What other styles stand out above the average casual dresser? How is it different? What is it’s key point that makes it that style? Please submit a summary of what different styles you will be covering. Discussion is encouraged with your audience.

Japanese legend/mythology and culture and how it gets worked in to anime/manga stories – Please submit an outline of which legends/myths that are focused on in the animes or manga you will be using as examples. Discussion is strongly encouraged with your audience.

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