Anime Central Registration is OPEN!

According to the an announcement on the website, registration for Anime Central is OPEN as of  TODAY August 15th!

The earlier you register the less you will pay!

Registration Price Tiers
All tier changes take place between 11:59pm-12:00am Central time.

Adult Badges:
• August 15th – September 15th = $43
• September 16th – December 15th = $48
• December 16th – March 15th = $53
• March 16th – April 15th = $60

March 15th is the deadline for selecting and/or adding the mailing option to your badge for $2. This includes mailing and the fancier keepsake badge upgrade.

Keepsake badges will be available at the convention for a $1 upgrade, but are limited to only those badges left over after mailing.

Adult Badges Bought at the Convention:
• Friday = $35
• Saturday = $35
• Sunday = $25 (the convention closes at 4pm).
• Full Weekend = $60

Child Badges (ages 6-12):
• August 15th – March 15th = $10
• March 15th – April 16th = $15
• Full Weekend at Convention = $15

*There are no single day prices for children’s badges.

This year we are pleased to announce Childrens’ Day at ACen. On Sunday April 29th ONLY, all children 12 & under accompanied by an adult are FREE!!! Maximum of 2 children per paying adult.

Toddler (ages 0-5)
All toddlers accompanied by an adult are FREE. Maximum of 2 toddlers per paying adult.

Adult Full Weekend Badge – $38
Child Full Weekend Badge – $10

Our current Roadshows have not been announced, but keep checking out the Roadshow section of our forum for updates!

All badges are mailed First Class mail through the USPS; so please have the name of the recipient on the mailbox or it will be returned to us! Even a temporary label on the box until you receive your badge is fine. We have at least one hundred badges returned to us every year because the name isn’t on the mailbox.

Type your address carefully when registering!
Undeliverable badges will only be resent once before we deem it as undeliverable and hold it for you at our Service Desk. We will email first, before calling the owner of returned badges to verify the address; so please enter your correct email and phone number that we can reach you at.

Mailing begins in January. We will be announcing on the forums in the Registration section for each wave of mailed badges by the purchase date. If your badge is not received within 2 weeks of the announcement involving your time of purchase, please email and inform us of the issue so we can fix it as soon as possible. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do when badges become lost in the mail; there are no refunds if mail is not received.

Registration Related Convention Policies
Anime Central badges and attached badge options are non refundable and non transferable. Anyone found sharing a badge will be removed from the convention along with the original owner of the badge.

Badge names must be G rated. If you want to know if your chosen badge name is appropriate you can email and our Registration Team will let you know. Convention Management will change names they deem inappropriate.

A photo ID must be presented when purchasing or picking up a badge at the convention for attendees 17 and over. A photo ID is also needed when purchasing a badge at one of our Roadshows.

If a check bounces the responsible party must pay a fee of $25 to Midwest Animation Promotion Society before they can complete the purchase of their badge. All checks must be made out to Midwest Animation Promotion Society. All ability to register for future conventions will be hindered until bounced check fee is paid.

Pre-convention payments accepted are:
US Currency only (and only for in person payments; never send cash through the mail)
Credit – Visa, Master Card or Discover Card
Debit – With a Visa, Master Card or Discover Card logo on the card
Check – Personal or Business
Money Order
Reminder: We do not accept paper or coin currency in the mail!

At Convention payments accepted are:
US Currency only
Credit – Visa, Master Card or Discover Card
Debit – With a Visa, Master Card or Discover Card logo on the card
Check – Business only. We no longer accept personal checks at the convention.
Money Order

Policies, times, dates, etc are always subject to change.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding your Registration or Anime Central in general please feel free to email us at and our team will answer your questions or forward you to someone who can! We always welcome feedback from our attendees!

Author: Jenn

President, publisher, and blogger since October 2000