April Update!

 April brings some change to JAPC!

There have been some changes to the group, and the changes are outlined in the Updates! topic, so I suggest you give it a read, because it’s kind of important.

I promise no April fools jokes today, and I fulfill that promise.  No part of this update is false information.  I originally planned to partake in April fools celebrations, by sending this update out where everything was typed backwards, but figured people would not take kindly to that.  (=^_^=)

April is crazy busy both with events, and my personal life. There are two conventions this month, C2E2 and Anime Central!  Feel free to discuss and arrange meetups at the events in our forum topics! Do you have any Anime Central 2012 Cosplay Plans?

Because it’s so hectic trying to meet up at conventions, JAPC is having a dinner meetup the Thursday evening before ACen. If you want to join us for the dinner, please RSVP in the Thursday ACen Eve Dinner [April 26, 2012]  topic in our forum.  We need a head count by April 15, because we will need to make reservations, so get your RSVP today by APRIL 15!  Hope to see you there!


So, here what’s going on for April 2012:

Topics and discussions in the forum you should take a look at and/or  participate in:

Next Anime Meeting

April Anime Meeting [Tentative April 7]  

This is a *really* tentative topic for the April Anime Meeting. Since it’s such short notice, and I’m not sure how many people will actually be able to join us, this meeting will only happen if we get over 5 RSVP’s of “Yes” in the next three days. “Maybe/Not sure” will not be counted. This is the only day this month we will be able to host/have a meeting. Sorry!


Future Events

Welcome our new members!

Keep an eye on the JAPC BLOG, forum and Facebook page for updates!

This newsletter is a work in progress, so feel free to tell me what you do and don’t like (and what could be added or omitted) about it in the forum topic: Newsletter Feedback 

Thanks for reading!
Jen Gedonius
JAPC Founder and President



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