Calling all Attack on Titan Cosplayers!

Attack on TitanCalling all Attack on Titan Cosplayers! These guys want to put together a LOCAL (as in CHICAGO) live action Attack on Titan film. View the trailer for more info!

Info as we received it:
Our Facebook page is here:
You can also find us on Twitter: sethdeming

My name is Caleb Hudson and I work for a film company called Seth Deming Videography. We are interested in making a live action Attack on Titan trailer just for fun in the next month or so and are in need of cosplayers with full costumes to be actors in this project. We already have some test shots completed; they are in the editing and post-production stage of development. We would be filming in the downtown DeKalb area, about 60 miles west of Chicago. Can you get me in touch with people who would be interested? Thanks!

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