Chicago International Film Festival Presents “Sleep”

Please note that the image preview from this movie contains nudity. 

Original Title: Nemuriyusurika
Director: Katsumi Sakaguchi
Japanese with subtitles
96 min
World Cinema

Equal parts revenge tale and family drama, Sleep examines the lengths people will go to exact retribution. Raped 17 years ago as a teenager, Kotono now makes a living as a masseuse, leading a nomadic life with her daughter Natsume (born out of the rape) and her aging father. Living out of the back of a van, the clan share a tender bond, each looking out for the needs of the others, belying the perversity of their lifestyle and the true motivation for their life on the road.

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Show Times
Sun Oct 16, 8:50pm , EFSLEEP1 – $13/$10
Tue Oct 18, 8:10pm , EFSLEEP2 – $13/$10

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