June 2011 JAPC Update

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Better late than never, right?   ^_^


****June Happenings****

JUNE Meeting
Our June meeting is on June 11, 2011
Details of this meetup can be found here:

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Just as a reminder, the membership cleanup will take place on June 30, 2011
For more information on this cleanup, please take a look at this topic:

–Other Local Happenings–

>June 11, 2011
Mid America Japanese Club in Partnership with District 214 Community Education is hosting a charity event in Aid of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

>June 25, 2011
Square Enix/Final Fantasy Photoshoot

–Meet our new members!–

Tony Johnson

Tim Scheuer

Jonathan Kern (Please introduce yourself!)

Justin Rogers (Please introduce yourself!)




–Ongoing topics —

>The really pointless thread of insane fun.

>“Mix Tape” music exchange!

Remember when you used to make “mix tapes” for your friends of songs you
really liked? Wouldn’t it be cool to share your favorite music with your
friends here at JAPC?

>Your JAPC DAY!!

Each member gets a “day” where they can share whatever they’d like.
This might be something like 1 hour of anime, games, internet videos,
art projects, panel discussion, or whatever as long as it’s not Hentai.

>Talk about what you’re watching/reading in the Anime/Manga Forum!

>Currently Reading – Manga commentary and conversations!

>Currently Watching: Anime commentary and conversations!

Thanks for reading!  Sorry this was late!

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