MILLENNIUM ACTRESS (New 4K restoration)

MILLENNIUM ACTRESS (New 4K restoration)
Gene Siskel Film Center

Fri, Jan 17th 2:00pm
Fri, Jan 17th 6:15pm
Thu, Jan 23rd 8:30pm


Decades after the actress Chiyoko Fujiwara has retired from the public eye, a pair of filmmakers interview her for a retrospective documentary. What begins as a straightforward accounting of her days in show business morphs into a centuries-spanning epic, shifting fluidly between scenes from Chiyoko’s life and the historical films she starred in until the two become inseparable. Master animator Satoshi Kon’s follow-up to his mind-bending debut PERFECT BLUE, MILLENNIUM ACTRESS solidified the director’s interest in unstable and subjective realities. Rolling in homages to everything from Godzilla to Ozu, the film also brings to bear the full power of Kon’s detail-oriented visual wit and technical skills, blending together one hyperkinetic set piece after another in a frenzy of movie-mad intoxication. In Japanese with English subtitles. New 4K DCP digital restoration. (CW)

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