Delightful Kiss Maid and Butler Cafe

Delightful Kiss Maid & Butler CafeDelightful Kiss is back with another Maid and Butler Cafe this Fall!

Welcome home, master. We would like to invite you to Delightful Kiss Maid and Butler Cafe 2nd event! Sit back and relax as our delightful staff takes care of you. Join us as we give you a taste of the traditions that have made these cafes such a phenomenon in Japan. All of our guests will be invited to play a game of Jankenpyon (rock, paper, and scissor) against our maids/butlers with a special prize for the winners.

Sessions 1–4: Tickets are $15 each for a 60 minute seating.
Extended Session: Tickets are $25 each for a 90 minute seating.

SHOW SCHEDULE (Friday, October 24, 2014 – Saturday, October 25, 2014):
Session 1: 3pm – 4pm
Session 2: 4pm – 5pm
Session 3: 5pm – 6pm
Session 4: 6pm – 7pm
Extended Session 5: 7:30pm – 9:00pm **

All the details can be found on on the Facebook Event

Update 10/16/2014
Local artist AnimeSpice will be showcasing her artwork at this event, see flyer below!



Anime Spice Art


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