SoyCon 5

SoyCon 5
The Largest Cosplay Gathering of The Midwest

SoyCon is a large social cosplay gathering dedicated to the cosplayers, anime fans, video gamers, manga readers, and more.

The event is for those who want to come out of the convention scene and socialize with fans alike who have an interest in anime, manga, video games, & cosplay, as well as other media. Attendees can participate in events setup, have photoshoots in cosplay, and/or sit back & enjoy the view. We welcome anyone who is interested in having a good time. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people.

What is SoyCon?
SoyCon is an annual social cosplay gathering event that gathers attendees who have an interest in Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Video Games, and more.

When is SoyCon?
SoyCon is on Saturday July 21st & Sunday July 22nd of 2012.

Where is SoyCon?
Both days will be in Rolling Meadows, IL. Ned’s Brown Meadow – Grove located on the intersection of Ring Rd. & Golf Rd.

Is SoyCon a convention?
We are not a convention. We are a social gathering event.

How much is SoyCon?
Absolutely nothing. FREE BADGE TOO!
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How long will SoyCon last on each day?
Both days begin at 10am and ends at 8:30pm

Is cosplay a requirement?
You are not required to wear any cosplays. If you want to come as yourself, you’re more than welcome.

Author: Jenn

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